Natural Sunrise

How do you simulate a sunrise on an Android device?

This was the question on my mind since the early days of developing Electric Dawn. But it was only recently, once I had worked with a graphics designer to improve the general look and feel of the overall app, that I was ready to tackle the Natural Sunrise.

It just so happens that the standard HSV colour cylinder provides the perfect blend path for a dawn sky from 240degs to 60degs via 360degs.

The Android app uses a SurfaceView allowing us to draw directly onto the canvas and build up the image. The sky colours followed by the sun and overlayed with the organic flourish stencil. Inspiration for the organic flourish stencil came from a tutorial by InkThisScape.

I’m quite happy with the results, and enjoy watching the virtual sunrise as I wake up each morning. Hopefully, you do too! 🙂

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