Android ListView and other Trials and Tribulations

So, I am currently in the midst of upgrading Electric Dawn to provide multiple alarm profiles. But the going certainly hasn’t been easy. However, I have stumbled on an excellent resource for ListViews and Adapters in Android.

Google I/O 2010 – The world of ListView by Romain Guy and Adam Powell is a fantastic resource. There are so many flawed examples of using ListView out there on StackExchange, blogs, tech sites etc. and then in complete contrast there is the definitive presentation from Google I/O 2010 that just shows you how it is supposed to be used. Brilliant!

In other news, my Samsung S3 has died completely. The symptoms look like it could be the widely written Samsung Sudden Death Syndrome. So I am now back to using my old HTC Desire (Bravo) which is now running CyanogenMod 7.2 – Android 2.3.7. It’s quite nice having a small phone again, though the limited internal memory and short battery life are still a problem.

Not too long now until the next release of Electric Dawn with added Multiple Alarm Profiles. 🙂