Electric Dawn Reviews

A number of reviews for Electric Dawn in October and November 2013.

4★ “Very nice app Exactly what I was looking for. Nice gentle way to wake up in winter”

5★ “This app is amazing It’s winter here and I feel like I just awoke on a spring morning, puts me in a good mood all day! Will be telling friends and family to get this app, fantastic and great value, thank you!”

5★ “Nice gentle alarm, good price! I feel more awake in the mornings waking up more gently to this alarm clock. And its so worth the small price!”

5★ “Great Alarm Clock Especially when using a tablet due to the available light output”

5★ “Best dawn simulating app I’ve found! A wonderful way to ease into the morning. The app slowly wakes you up, gently increasing volume and brightness.”

5★ “Great Finally something to help in the morning.”

5★ “Great little app Works well, the light is very natural and so are the sounds. If only the cat wouldn’t whack my phone as soon as he hears the birds…”

5★ “Excellent Does everything and a bit more than my £80 Philips dawn simulator alarm which recently broke. Glad I discovered it before I forked out another £80 for a new one.”

5★ “A must have Love it..dont know what I would do without it!!!”

5★ “Just What I Needed! Beautiful app. Incredible response to request from developer.”

4★ “Possibly the best soft alarm I’ve found. A bit quirky. At first didn’t work on my HTC but developer was very responsive. It ended up working beautifully on both my HTC and samsung ohones.”

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