I made Electric Dawn Free – a sunrise alarm clock with nature sounds – to help me get going in the mornings

Hi folks,

I’m not much of a morning person so a few years ago I started work on a sunrise alarm app Electric Dawn . These days it’s a pretty mature and stable app. I’m still using it every morning – waking up to the pleasant sounds of birdsong or waves gently crashing on the beach. I found it helped reduce the grogginess I used to get from being jolted awake by the default alarm clock. I do still need to put the phone on the other side of the room to force me out of bed (to turn it off) in the morning – but that’s probably just my problem!

I wondered if anyone has tried Electric Dawn and had any feedback on how they use it, and any thoughts in general?

Thanks! Give me a shout if you have any questions or thoughts! 🙂

You can drop me an email too: whimsicalotter@gmail.com .