Inspired to create a novel dessert for a Pincho Party I started with the idea of a traditional sherry trifle and evolved it slightly.

The version described below is also low in lactose (there is no cream topping, and lactofree milk was used to make the custard layer).

The Ingredients

  • Boudoir Fingers.
  • Port or sherry with sugar syrup to dilute.
  • Jelly (Jello?) and chopped fruits (strawberries and bananas).
  • Custard made thicker with half the volume of milk stated on the instructions.
  • Vanilla Essence to flavour the custard.
  • Crushed Ginger Biscuits.
Boudoir Fingers Port Vanilla Essence Custard Powder Jelly

The Assembly Process

Lay out the boudoir finger base.

Boudoir Base

Mini Boudoir Base

Make up the port and syrup mix to taste. (The syrup helps to make the port go further).

Allow the boudoir fingers to soak up the port and syrup.

Mini Port Syrup Soaking

Make up the jelly mixture and leave to cool on the side.

Jelly Preparation

Chop the fruit and add to the boudoir finger base.

Fruit Layer

Pour on the jelly and leave in the fridge to set (overnight).

Mini Jelly Added

Make up the custard using half the volume of milk stated on the instructions. Add vanilla essence to flavour. Allow to cool before dolloping onto the set jelly and fruit layer.

Crush the ginger biscuits into a bowl then sprinkle liberally onto the custard layer.

Assembled Trifle

Add garnishing of chopped strawberries on sticks to the finished trifle.

Mini Trifle

Leave in the fridge to fully set.

Enjoy. :)